Check out the new album from Froggins and Bug! 

Froggins and Bug present their very first album "Dessert Island", 12 songs with a little Sesame Street, a little Cab Calloway, and some Schoolhouse Rock. Shane has obviously never heard about the "desert island list". Instead he has created an alphabetical list of desserts he would like to have. On "Get a Job" Dean asks Shane what he'd like to be when he grows up. Shane replies "I'd like to retire". There is a song about "Literal Red Riding Hood" who doesn't understand metaphor. Trombone, saxophone, upright bass, guitar and drums propel these quirky and joyous songs along. And most of it was recording in one long day at Dean's No Parking Studio. The music is live and spontaneous. Listen and enjoy!


Rang-A-Boom Album is OUT NOW!

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"Shane Kirsch is nothing short of a master composer, arranger, performer. Every time he sends me a new tune to either play on or just listen to, it inspires me to improve my own skills. I can't wait to write a new batch of tunes for him to play on. If you have a chance to see him live or listen to him on an album, do it. Shane never disappoints!!"

-Alan Evans (Soulive, Alan Evans Trio, Royal Family Records)


"Shane Kirsch is my main man!  Together we have played in many bands, and sat in with many more, spontaneously creating horn lines and whispering them in each other's ears.  We call ourselves the Talcum Powder Horns; just a bit mellower than the Tower of Power Horns!  I call on Shane for almost every project that I'm producing.  He is the most intuitive and endlessly creative musician that I know.  I love watching him lead a band.  He has a vision and an easy going attitude that makes it a joy for all the musicians to collaborate and create together.  And Shane looks great in a suit to boot!"

-Dean Jones (Dog On Fleas, Grammy Award winning producer)